All of the assets in the game were made by FiloGC (Programming) and Chandalf (Art) during the Game Jam period.

You are deep within a dungeon and naked... again. Hordes of brutes are coming for you, the floor breaks under your feet so keep moving because IF YOU STOP, YOU DIE!

Pachango! is a roguelike where the world moves when you move... unless you're taking too long, in which case the world just keep moving without you. It was developed for the GameDev insiders #1 Jam by @FiloGC and @Chandalf in about 72 hours. It includes:

  • Multiple, increasingly challenging levels.
  • Hand drawn animations.
  • 2 alternate endings!
  • A  speedrun timer.
  • Hot Pachango! pics.
  • Breathtakingly frenetic combat.
  • Ice-skating puzzles like the ones in old school JRPGs, you know the ones. Those ones.
  • Combat inside those puzzles too
  • There's even a tutorial somewhere in there



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